FT-10, FT-20, FT-30

This is a standard vacuum insulation tube which transfers extremely low-temperature fluid with small loss. Various structures may be applied to meet various experiment purposes.


Model FT-10 FT-20 FT-30
Structure Rigid Flexible Separate
Inner tube diameter 4 mm (standard) 4~6 mm 4~6 mm
Outer diameter 25 mm (standard) 25 mm, 35 mm 25 mm, 35 mm
Thermal insulation Vacuum, Superinsulation, FRP spacers
Material Stainless steel (SUS 304)
Accessories Evacuation adapter
Extension tube: 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
Refilling adapter
Option Manual stop valve, electromagnetic valve
Inner diameter, length(L1~L4), angle Į can be designated


This product has been developed so as to cool down the measuring sample placed in a separate cryostat to below 3K while supplying liquid helium (LHe) from the LHe container positioned 2.6m away, connected with this tube.

œThe tubefs outer shell with the outer diameter of 32mm is of stainless vacuum layer partly of bellows structure. Inside of this layer is the cooled helium flow line and the returning gas line (4-tube-layer structure).
œFine-tunable JT (Joule-Thompson) valve is equipped inside to achieve cooling below 4K.
œCooling is done by supplying the coolant LHe of about 3K to the measuring sample, which is achieved by forcing the transfer of LHe with a separate exhausting instrument connected at the returning gas line exit and by operating the JT valve.
œThe tube can be separated into 2 parts joined by a bayonet fixing.
œThe tube is designed with a tilted angle of 15 degrees for easier attachment and removal of the tube to the cryostat and the LHe container.
œThe tube is designed to have a low heat-input structure in order to suppress the LHe consumption.

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