This is a system which generates magnetic field on a flat table.
Since the magnet-applying space is open and is not limited spatially, the system can be used for various purposes.


The products were jointly-developed with National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan.

œMagnetic field can be applied by placing samples on the flat table, or by approximating the flat table to the sample.
œHelium as coolant is not required, since conduction cooling method is adopted with the use of GM cryocooler (1 unit).
œNbTi superconducting magnet is used as the magnetic field generator. The maximum magnetic field applicable is 3.4T
at the center of the flat table.
œRotating mechanism allows the direction of the magnetic field to rotate from perpendicular to horizontal.


This is layered pancake-shaped coils using high temperature superconducting wire. Cooling the coils in liquid nitrogen
for the superconductive condition allows applying high current to coils and generation of strong magnetic field.

[Product Examples]
œGenerated magnetic field: More than 0.3T (Coil axis center, in perpendicular direction)
@¦ Designed value at rated time. Will vary depending on operating current.
œStandard outer dimension: ƒÓ 280mm ~ height 80mm@(excluding the projecting part)
œStandard valid room-temperature bore dimension: ƒÓ 70mm

š The specification and appearance of the products in this web-page are subject to change without notice for improvement in quality and performance.

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