FM-10, FM-20, FM-30

Metal cryostat is our base product of high reliability, built with the technology and knowhow on metalwork, welding, vacuuming, and cryogenic insulation.
Most of the products are designed and manufactured individually to customerfs requests.
Cryostats combined with small cryocoolers are among our products.

Horizontal Cryostat

Standard structures of FM series

Model FM-10 FM-20 FM-30
Structure  Small neck tube Straight type Small tail
Neck diameter  15~50mm 50~500 mm

50~200 mm

Outer diameter 100~350 mm 80~600 mm 150~350 mm
Height 300~1000 mm  500~1500 mm  500~1000 mm
Liquid volume 1~50 L 2~100 L 1~35 L
Helium consumption rate 1~5 L/day 2~20 L/day

2~10 L/day

Weight  10~50 kg 10~200 kg 10~100 kg
Applications Long term use  Large object Small space use

Liquid nitrogen shield (further reduction of helium consumption)

FD-730, FD-1000

Our composite cryostat is made of GFRP and aluminum, the former material used for the horizontal room-temperature bore and the liquid helium tank, and the latter material for its outer vacuum container.
Niobium-made superconductive magnetic shield is built within.

Developed for PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) in Germany for the measurement of biomagnetic signals from small animals.
Reference: Ackermann, R. et al., IEEE Trans. Appl. Superconductivity, Vol.17, p.827 (2007)

Model FD-730


Horizontal length 700 mm 1250 mm
Warm bore diameter 27 mm

110 mm

Body diameter 450 mm

530 mm

Total height ~750 mm ~850 mm
Liquid volume  40 L

100 L

Helium consumption rate 6 L/day (typical)

13 L/day (typical)

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