FF-10, FF-20, FF-30

The low heat-input cryostat made of GFRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) stores liquid helium for a long period of time. Please feel free to contact us for a design and manufacture to your request.

The radiation shield of the cryostat is devised to achieve high thermal conductivity, high magnetic permeability, and low thermal noise.
Integration with sensors and refrigerators, combination of material with metal is available as products. Example of sensor integration: HTc, LTc SQUID
The shape of the bottom of the cryostat can be made round, square/rectangle, sphere, etc. to suit your measuring object.

Standard structures of FF series

Model FF-10 FF-20 FF-30
Structure Small neck tube Straight type Close to subject
Neck diameter 50 mm 50~400 mm 50~200 mm
Outer diameter 300 mm 80~500 mm 150~350 mm
Height 1000 mm 500~1500 mm 500~1000 mm
Liquid volume 35 L 2~60 L 2~35 L
Helium consumption rate 1.3 L/day 1~5 L/day 2~10 L/day
Weight 30 kg 5~70 kg 10~50 kg
Applications Long term use Large object
AC application, etc.
 Biomagnetic Measurement, etc.

The specification and appearance of the products in this web-page are subject to change without notice for improvement in quality and performance.

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