Helium refrigerator system FR series


The product was developed for the purpose to cool the cooling stage with a 2-stage pulse tube cryocooler, which gives less vibration compared with a regular GM cryocooler.

The vacuum container covering the cooling stage is made of GFRP, a non-magnetic material, so as to reduce the magnetic noise.
Flexible heat-conductor is used between the cryocooler and the cooling stage in order to further reduce the vibration of the cryocooler to travel to the stage.


The main structural material used for the cryostat is GFRP, fully treated to prevent eddy current and suitable for use under alternate current. All-stainless-steel made cryostat for use under direct current may also be used with the cryocooler.
The radiation shield is cooled by the 2-stage GM cryocooler fixed at the bottom, doing away with the liquid nitrogen which requires frequent refilling. Added to the benefit is the small evaporation rate of liquid helium and the resulting longer use.
Under intermittent use, the low liquid helium consumption during the cool down helps to keep down the operational cost.



Helium vessel diameter 488 mm
Helium vessel depth

1855 mm

Outer diameter

 600 mm

Liquid volume 100 L
Helium consumption rate < 10L/day
Applications Long term use

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