Helium refrigerator system FR series


This is a refrigerator cooling system with temperature adjustment for samples in the range of ~4K to 300K. Circulation is created by helium gas as the action medium. The helium gas is condensed in the 4K-GM Cryocooler (A) to circulate through the Dry Pump (B) inside the Measurement Chamber (D) which holds a stage for samples. Bellows Tube connects the Cryostat (C) which mounts the Cryocooler (A) and the Measurement Chamber (D). This helps to reduce the transmission of the vibration from the Cryocooler(A).


This product re-condenses and recycles the helium gas which constantly evaporates from a cryostat, etc.
A 2-stage GM cryocooler of 4K and 20K is used in the system. The liquid helium is condensed at the rate of 12L/day in a 100L tank.
Automated operation is applied where possible, such as removal of impure gas blockage.

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